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Lara Falt – Director Of Marketing

National Health Care seems to have a habit of hiring people seemingly designed for the positions they fulfill. We can’t exactly pinpoint how we’ve gotten so fortunate over the years, but we’re lucky to have these individuals work for us. Laura Falt is a testament of this seemingly endless “luck.”  After completing her Bachelor’s Degree at Syracuse University in Speech Communications with a minor in Public Relations, Laura started her career in the hospitality and tourism industry in sales and marketing.  During this time, she attended Central Connecticut State University where she earned her Master’s Degree in Counseling. Twelve years ago, she transitioned her skills into healthcare to work for National Healthcare, and she couldn’t be happier.  Laura loves being on the road and meeting with healthcare professionals, providing programs for older adults in the community, and hosting events at the center.  These days she finds herself very busy doing the marketing for the Riverside and Water’s Edge nursing homes.  

Joel Nann – Recreation Director of Recreation

If you lived in Middletown for over 20+ plus years, then you’re probably familiar with Joel Nann. He’s lived in the city since 1960 and often contributes in local community events, bingo nights and such. This man exemplifies that passion that we want expect all of our of staff member’s to have when it comes to their position(s). Prior to coming here, Joel was a gym teacher for 15 years until he eventually found himself here, at Water’s Edge. In all, he’s been working in the field of recreation for 40 years, and according to him he just “doesn’t see himself ever retiring”. He enjoys the presence our of residents, and they enjoy his too- it’s a two way street.  

Michael Rayel – Administrator

Michael Rael is the epitome of National Healthcare employee. In a very short amount of time he went from an assistant administrator to a full-fledged administrator, and rightfully so. He knows what he’s doing and It shows within his results. His career growth is parallel to the growth of National Health Care, or even more specifically, the growth of Water’s Edge. He’s a graduate of the finance program at UConn and we’re glad to have someone as organized, intellectual, and progressive as him.

Marianella Spada- Director of Admission

Ms. Spada is just as important to Water’s Edge as she is to the Middletown community, which speaks volumes about the type of person she is. As someone who’s been here since 1989, she’s one of our longest standing employees. She’s certainly earned her reputation here, so whenever someone needs help or direction in matters pertaining to short-term care, long term-care, dementia care, etc., she’s the first person they often go to. Ms. Spada speaks fluent Italian, so her presence within this facility is vital, especially considering the fact that Middletown has a relatively large Italian population. In all, the residents really appreciate her caring and compassionate approach. 

Rita Holloman – Assistant Director Of Nurses

18 must be Ms. Holloman’s lucky number. In July of this year, 2018 to be exact, she will have been working here for 18 years- and as someone who’s been at this facility since she was 18 year’s old, she’s certainly witnessed our facility transition into what is today. She’s played a huge part in the transformation of our facility over the past couple of years by just consistently working her hardest to provide our residents with the best care possible. She’s briefly worked at other facilities within her career, but if you ask her, never could she find a place that she preferred to grow within over Water’s Edge. This facility is home to her, just as it is with many of our staff members- and we appreciate all of their hard work.