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NHCA Announces New Recruitment/Pre-Hire Video

NHCA Launches New Recruitment/Pre-Hire Video
With their network of health and rehabilitation centers now at 30 locations throughout the Northeast, NHCA recently launched a new Recruitment/Pre-Hire Video to educate employees about the history of NHCA, what potential employees can expect of NHCA and what NHCA centers look for in a potential employee.

Using real employees, the video is a powerful tool in recruiting nurses, CNAs, managers and other various professionals to NHCAs growing network of skilled nursing centers. Current employees who work at various NHCA centers, narrate the video, along with Marvin Ostreicher, the President and founder of National HealthCare Associates, while discussing their candid experiences, feelings of camaraderie, and opportunities for career growth throughout the network.

Some examples of career growth in the video:
  • A current Administrator, who started her career as a CNA, then RN.
  • A current Director of Admissions and Marketing, who began her career with NHCA as a receptionist, working way up to administrative assistant.
  • A Director of Finance, who started with NHCA as a bookkeeper and then worked in human resources.
Check out the new National HealthCare Associates Recruitment/Pre-hire Video and see what makes National HealthCare a great place to work.